1- Guidelines for final Powerpoint Presentation:

  • The team leader is responsible for submitting the problem statement and the Powerpoint Presentation in due time 
  • The team leader is the responsible for sharing the Powerpoint Presentation on Zoom  
  • All presentations must be saved in Microsoft PowerPoint format (ppt).
  • Participating teams have to stick to the deadline for submitting their presentations on the platform. In case of technical difficulties from the team’s end, CEI will be sharing this version of the presentation.
  • Graphics ARE allowed in the presentation
  • Technical note: To ensure the quality of the presentation, the color should be set to 16 bits (high color) and the screen should be set to 800 x 600 pixels

2- Guidelines for the final round:

  • All presenters must be present on Zoom with their cameras on.
  • Dress code: Smart casual attire.
  • It is the responsibility of the team to make sure that all of the members have a chance to take part in the presentation. All members have to participate.
  • Notecards are allowed during the presentation.
  • The time limit for the presentation is 15 minutes (followed by 10 minutes of Q&A by the judges). Time limits will be enforced.

3- Final Round Scoring:

Teams will be assessed based on the structure of their solution, quality of the analysis and conclusion, comprehensiveness and creativity of the solution, and finally the quality and delivery of the presentation